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January 9, 2019 10:17 am  #1

Looking for studio or nice people to move in a small flat

Hi all, I will be moving to Nottingham in April. I am a PhD student, friendly and willing to find people to move in together. I am from Spain but I have lived previously in the UK and also in Poland, so I have experience in international contexts. If someone is interested or has any relevant info I will be happy to hear from you. My email:


January 12, 2019 10:03 pm  #2

Re: Looking for studio or nice people to move in a small flat

Hi Gabriel, I'm moving out of my flat in April as I'm a 3rd-year student and I have decided to relocate to London form more work opportunities.  I'm living in 5 room flat at the Lace Market at Catherine House and I'm looking for someone to over take my contract from the start of April till end of the tendency in August 2019.  The flat is very nice with your own private entrance, near all kinds of restaurants, takeouts and 3min form Tesco. The walk to NTU city campus is less then 15 min our you can walk to tram 3min and get the Public transport it is very easy to  commute to Clifton if thats where you are based.  The flat mates are 4 other guys all final year and very easy to get on.  The rent is 420 per month all inclusive and you have your own bathroom. You would probably need sign a new contact with my landlord but I will sour that out.  If you want we can arrange video call and I can show you the room.  -- Best,Anna Marija Keomegi


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