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April 8, 2018 6:28 pm  #1

Room Available in Glass House, GLA-A6-57-C, Union Road, Nottingham,UK

There is one seat available in En-suite-4 sharing flat in Glasshouse, NG3 1FG, with three international student. There are two Ghana girls and one Uganda boy are my en-suite co-tenant very good and co-operative. It’s a nice student private accommodation with sharing Kitchen and Dining room with Television. I want to leave because they do not allow my wife to stay there as their policy. If anyone interested can reach me following email and cellphone for more details. I am ready to give 15 days free stay, I will  leave it from 15 th April, 2018, so Anyone interested have the option to stay 15 days free.....rate as per glasshouse contact can be flexible the contact which I have up-to July 2018.Please contact following address. Feel free to have a visit before take your final decision just give me a call and make a suitable visit time.

Mobile: 447438371258


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