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October 19, 2021 11:51 pm  #1

Accommodation available 2021/2022 - Studio at the Laceworks

[color=var(--primary-text)]Hey,[/color][color=var(--primary-text)]I am looking for a replacement tenancy asap for a student accommodation called the Laceworks in Nottingham. It is near the train station and is a en-suite bronze studio and is £180 all bills included per week (51 weeks).[/color][color=var(--primary-text)]It has a smart tv in the room, a free gym, cinema room and a laundry room on the ground floor.[/color][color=var(--primary-text)]There is a deposit of £150.[/color][color=var(--primary-text)]It is a 10 minute tram journey to Nottingham Trent and a 19 minute journey to University of Nottingham.[/color]   


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