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November 17, 2022 9:23 pm  #1

Accomodation from January

Hi! i'm searching an accomodation from January to May near City campus, please help me!


November 27, 2022 9:12 pm  #2

Re: Accomodation from January

Hi Andrea, Hope you're well!
Ive seen you're looking for accommodation to rent in January, I have a room available if you're still looking?
Its a flat with three other people, 2 girls and boy, who are all really lovely! 
the flat is really nice, its also central, only a 5/10 minute walk to the centre. 
If you're interested I can send you some pictures of the room and flat? 
My email is if you want to get in touch. 
Thanks, Caity. 


November 28, 2022 1:21 pm  #3

Re: Accomodation from January

Hi Andrea,

I've an ensuite room available if you're interested.   It's excellent for City campus/ the city centre but if you're on Clifton they do run a bus.

There are 5 others who share the kitchen. You get your own fridge/ freezer space, which is helpful.

It's a Study Inn room on Talbot Street (links for information).,-talbot-street-nottingham

Let me know if you think it would suit or if you wanted more information.

Hope you find something brilliant!




November 29, 2022 10:56 pm  #4

Re: Accomodation from January

Hi Andrea,

I have an ensuite room with shared kitchen available at Study Inn Talbot Street, which is a 5 minute walk to the City Campus. It's £194p/w.

Included is room cleaning, bedding & towels and it also has great communal facilities - Gym, Small Spa, Pool Tables, Private Study Rooms, Cinema, Open Social areas, Laundry Room.

If this would be of interest, please contact me and I'd be happy to answer any questions about it.

Thank you 


December 5, 2022 2:59 pm  #5

Re: Accomodation from January

Hi Andrea, 
I am currently moving out of a luxurious 2-bed apartment and am looking for someone to take over my tenancy. It is located in the Park Estate which is a 10-minute walk to the university and a 12-minute walk to the city centre. It has is up until January and the remaining rent amount is £5393.17 including bills. Please let me know if you are interested and I can send you pictures of the apartment. 
Sara Syed


December 6, 2022 7:39 pm  #6

Re: Accomodation from January

I have an accomodation available from jan till may less than 10 mins from city campus. Ensuite room at unite students accomodation. 139£ per week all bills included.

Message me if you want more details and/or pictures

Thank you


November 25, 2022 3:28 am  #7

Re: Accomodation from January

Hi there, I have an accommodation on city campus(Byron residence), it’s a shared flat with really friendly and easy to get along with people. Please contact me on 07760534343 or message me on Instagram - dylancolledgee if interested


November 25, 2022 11:22 am  #8

Re: Accomodation from January

Hi there I have a flat on city campus available, in Byron Residence, if you are interested please contact me on 07760534343 or contact me via Instagram - dylancolledgee


December 9, 2022 11:56 am  #9

Re: Accomodation from January

I have a large room available in Byron residence which is 2 minutes from the University. Its a very social flat filled with friendly people. Its 172.62/week and a corner room so it is larger than the other rooms in the accommodation. very happy to send over photos too.


January 5, 2023 12:34 pm  #10

Re: Accomodation from January

Hi - have you found something suitable? I have a room at Sandby Hall, City Campus, Tenancy Takeover, £146.03, available now. Ground floor, sharing with 23 other super lovely students, it's a standard (bigger than basic) en-suite room, shared kitchen. It's on the Waverley side of Sandby Hall, close to Art & Design. 2 minutes from the student union. Sandby Hall is the second nearest to the uni campus. It's a really lovely hall, I'm only leaving the room as I'm moving to London for another course. Feel free to call me on 07968 594457


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