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January 22, 2020 11:00 pm  #1

MALTINGS ROOM AVAILABLE - £100 a week and £50 cash reward

If you need accommodation, i am looking to give up my room at the Maltings due to personal reasons, and desperately need my room to be taken. 

The rent is £100.73 a week£60 cheaper than most University accommodation, which will give you more cash to spend on yourself. I am also offering £50 cash to the person who takes over my room as i need to move out ASAP.

The room is large, with a spacious desk area to work on, as well as a large row of shelves to display belongings and a noticeboard. The spacious kitchen area gives plenty of room to cook and dine on. The Flat is shared with 4 other boys, who are very friendly and sociable, so will make you fit right into the maltings. The residence is gated and includes a free parking spot which i have already paid for, given to you free of charge. It is a short tram hop from the city campus where trams come every three minutes so you will always be on time. There are also common rooms at the maltings, perfect for chilling out in front of the TV with your mates. 

Feel free to contact me on mobile 07881567720 or by email to discus the takeover of the room or any questions you may have i will be more than happy to answer!

Look forward to hearing from you, 



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